21st Century Learning

What it Means to Us

In order to best prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world, our goal as a school district is to use the student-centered approach of 21st Century Learning. Here’s what that means for our classes.

The Demonstration of Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem-solving 

Designed Intentionally with and for the Learner, Responsive to Students’ Need(s)

Fluid and Flexible to Maximize
Engaging Opportunities

Has Teachers and Students as
Co-designers of the Space and the Experiences They Have in the Space

Evident in How Students Communicate and Apply the New Knowledge and Skills They Have Acquired

Means Fluency with High and Low-technology Tools and Media Through Tinkering, Experimenting and Playing

Personalizing the Learning Experience

Multidisciplinary or Integrated

Really Hearing the Student’s Voice

A Student Working Productively and Collaboratively with Others

Developing Relationships (Student : Student, Student : Teacher, Student : Community, Teacher : Community)

Customized, Offering Multiple Pathways to Demonstrate Understanding